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Your specialist in railway
material recycling

Your specialist in railway material recycling

Mevogra is active all over Europe in the trading market of used railway materials.

Active all over Europe for 3 generations.

In 1951 Mevogra was founded as a company that traded fertilizers, feeds and grains. About 30 years later the sale of railway sleepers was added. Due to the increasing demand this gradually became the core business of Mevogra and that’s were the current story starts... New sleepers were delivered to various European railways. But used sleepers were also recovered. Over time, more and more people switched from wooden to concrete train sleepers. Due to this shift in the market, Mevogra started to focus on the recovery of general railway material.

Our services

Mevogra - Demolition works

Demolition works

We are happy to make a price for the demolition of old railway tracks and industrial tracks that are out of office...

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Mevogra - Takeover


We are constantly looking for new acquisitions of various used railway equipment...

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Mevogra - Reuse


We always have different reusable railway equipment available...

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Mevogra - Recycling Railway Sleepers

Recycling Railway Sleepers

We are a recognized specialist in the recycling of used sleepers, both wooden and concrete sleepers...

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Mevogra - Recycling Rails

Recycling Rails

Mevogra is always interested in the acquisition of scrap such as rails & small materials...

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Would you like a free quote?